When I’m lovesick, I drink …. the coffee!


When I’m lovesick, I drink …. the coffee!

People fall in love, people drink alcohol. I fell in love, I drank … coffee.

We first met each other at the cafe. After parting, sad, I went to the cafe again. Just drink coffee alone. The rich taste of milk coffee makes me experience many things. It also makes me sober to look back on the journey we went through together. It’s true that love really needs alertness.

Ca phe pha phin va ca phe sua
Filter Coffee and Milk Coffee

Thinking, love is like a cup of coffee. How many emotions in love also have a lot of flavor in that coffee. A delicious cup of coffee must be both sweet and bitter. A true love also needs sweetness and bitterness. Sweet bitter and sweet. Concentrated but also deep.

Many people want to add sugar to coffee cup like love, need more romance. But if it’s too sweet, I can’t drink it. As for me, it was no longer coffee, nor did I find the familiar taste.

Farewell, many times still want to find you. For what? I couldn’t find a reason either. Farewell is over, there is no longer anything that makes me question anymore. So I went to coffee. Having told himself to sit down to rest, around everything was tired. A warm cup of coffee, a gentle melodic song that clung to me, gave me a reason not to look for you: slowly drink it for me!

Love someone like drinking a coffee. Drink the first taste, don’t use it again. Coffee grounds if you try to roast and roast it will only have a burning smell. Do not try to fall in love with someone again, love again. Because you two really don’t fit, you’re tired already.

Portrait with coffee

The way of love is the same as making coffee. If you mix bold and special, very few people can drink. Keeping and holding each other too well makes feelings become stuffy, tight, without time to remember each other. Diluted coffee is like not caring about each other anymore. If one party is indifferent, love is no longer complete.

Then how about enjoying coffee? Do not drink coffee but as fast as iced tea. Coffee is not a drink that dissolves thirst. It can make you drunk if you drink too quickly. You will not feel its taste anymore. Only sip enjoy slowly, you can see the essence, the sweetness, the appeal of coffee. So don’t rush to love and don’t love hurry. The faster you get, the faster it will go

Ca pheFlat White, Uc

Everyone wants to have a perfect love like 3 in 1 coffee. Delicious, passionate, easy to drink, more convenient. But then one day I wanted a new, more attractive, deeper taste. Like those who like black coffee, coffee brewed?

So, to know what coffee is, know how good it is, know how to enjoy it properly, then drink it. Don’t imitate others. The reason “they love me, I love, they are happy why I have to be lonely” completely wrong. Understand the value of one thing, we will enjoy it to the fullest.

Love is lost, okay! Lost love and then lost all melancholy yesterday. After the pain are new joys and happiness. And because our life is worth looking forward to, we must walk anyway.

In the morning, wake up, play a gentle song, make yourself a hot coffee and welcome a new day!

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