When to start a business – 5 Good times to start a business

The moment to decide success, help you shape when to start a business, you can always get rich.

  1. When I was a young man

When I was a young man

Starting a young business is when you are full of life energy and the ability to fulfill your aspirations.

The sooner you start your business, the higher the success rate will be, the youth is an inherent wealth, if you know how to make use of that capital to invest, and at the same time, you will experience the wealth of material things. It is also late, not difficult.

Startups when young are like a 25-year-old sports athlete who starts practicing, if you wait until you are 30 years old to start a career, can it be slow? But no matter what your point of view, if you can afford and want to start a career, you can separate the old shell and get rich

  1. When you feel bad work there is no way out

Stay in the company until you feel you have enough experience and the ability to steer your own business boat, learn all that your business owner is doing, what they can do to company management, learn them, learn it meticulously, details.

When you feel that you are deadlocked and have no way out of work at that company, leave your job to do business.

  1. When unemployed

When there is no job to do, open a company or your shop is considered moral easy to understand, simply because no one recruited you, but no job can not exist between this life. Then you have to recruit yourself, ie open your own company.

You need to remember, if you want to start a business, at least you have to be competent in that area, that is, you have a career understanding, people invite you to work, but you don’t want to go because of low wages, pressure. work, or simply it is tight, then start your business.

  1. When you are still “free”, you are not responsible

If you have to worry about so many things in your life such as family, husband, wife, children, and society, then starting a business is naturally a problem.

When you have time, do not get involved in many life responsibilities, capable, free, unbound by your children’s tuition, family spending, then start your career at that time.

  1. When really passionate about a certain area

Starting a business is an intensive battle in one area, you must have an understanding and passion in that area to start a business. If you have not accumulated enough knowledge, then learn more, otherwise you will fail.

Focus on just one thing in the first phase, ie you only need to produce one product / service, only sell one product / service, only one product / service marketing. Because then you will focus resources and money to do the best one thing, but when doing just one thing, the likelihood of success will increase higher, faster.

Getting rich is when you have the opportunity, the capacity and the capital to invest, if there is not one of these signs, you will be hard to start a business. So make sure you own the things you need before you start your business.

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