Where does the Mid-Autumn Festival come from?

Su tich chi Hang va chu Cuoi

Where does the Mid-Autumn Festival come from?

Mid-Autumn Festival has long become a traditional culture of Vietnamese people. With every holiday in our country, it is associated with every fairy tale or certain story. So is the Mid-Autumn Festival. Referring to the Mid-Autumn Festival, no one is unaware of the legend of Hang’s sister – Cu Cu.

Hang’s story – Cu Cu has many interesting and profound meanings. For thousands of years, every time they come back, people are eager to welcome the Mid-Autumn Festival. Every August’s full moon (August 15th lunar calendar), Vietnamese people often watch the moon, pray for health and happiness for families and relatives.

Hang’s story – Cu Cu has existed for a long time. But not everyone knows about the mystery of the Mid-Autumn Festival. People only know that on this day is the brightest and brightest moon of the year. Activities to break the deck, receive starlight lamps, lion dance are popular activities anywhere.

Together with Duong Cafe turn back in time, return to my father’s folk and learn about this meaningful area !!

  1. The legend of the Mid-Autumn Festival in China

According to Chinese legend, the Mid-Autumn Festival in Chinese means mid-autumn. This is the brightest and brightest moon moment of the year.

chi Hang Nga
Hang sister

Legend has it that Hau Nghe and Hang Nga lived on the moon. Hang Nga has great beauty. Hou Yi is famous for immortality. D, some other gods on the moon were always envious, and they slandered Hau Nghe in the face of Mischief. Since then, the couple was expelled from the palace and had to live a civilian life. The life of making a living and hunting made Hou Yi a famous gunner in folk.

Now, there are 10 sunrise at the same time and one day all 10 suns appear that burn most of the creatures on the ground. King Yao has sent Miss Hou to shoot 9 suns, leaving only one. The Hou Yi completed the mission entrusted by the king. In response, King Yao gave him an immortal longevity pill and told him, “Don’t take this for a while, start the story and become a vegetarian for a year before you can drink.”

The pill was taken by Hang Nga

Hou Yi did as the king said. He took the pill home and hid it at the rack on the roof. About half a year of hiding, King Yao invited him to the moon to play. Hang Nga at home suddenly discovered the medicine and she took the pill immediately. At the same time, Hau Nghe just came home, but it was all too late. Russians must fly to the moon immediately. Since then, Hang Nga must not go down to earth to visit her husband. Although she loves to miss her husband, she still has to stay on the moon, there is no way to return.

Chang Er was not allowed to return to meet her husband

And under the earth, the hope and regret day and night torment the Art. Finally, he built a castle in the sun and named it “Yang”. Meanwhile, Hang Nga also built a similar castle named “Yin”. Once a year, on the full moon day of August, two people were united in happiness. That’s why the moon is always round and bright on this day as to speak of joy, the joy of meeting.

  1. The tale of the Mid-Autumn Festival in our country

However, in Vietnam there is a legend about Sister Hang – uncle Cuoi. It is said that in the past, there was a female fairy named Hang Nga in the sky. She is very beautiful and hard to manage a sparkling Moon. She loves children so she always dreamed of visiting the world and playing with the children. But according to the rule of the world, Hang Nga is not allowed to do this.

One day, Ngoc Hoang organized the contest “making full moon cake” on the right day of the full moon in August (the day when the moon is bright and roundest). The prize for the winner will be rewarded for whatever he wants. Criteria to choose the winner, that is the person who makes the best, most beautiful and fancy cake.

Hang Nga was able to descend to earth

Hang Nga is very excited and eager to participate in the competition. When she came down to the world to consult, she met “Cuoi”. Cuoi is an expert guy who talks, every night Cuoi gathers children under a tree in the head of the village and tells gossip.

In addition to “talking”, Cuoi is very good at cooking, he often makes cakes for the children in the village to eat. The children in the village loved Cuoi. Hang Nga knew that she was very happy and asked for help. Cuoi agreed. Two people make new cakes. So Cuoi gave an initiative to keep all the ingredients together and then grill them. The cake includes eggs, melon seeds, meat, sesame, lotus seeds, …

Although it was only the first time of testing. But the cake gives the oven a fragrant smell. The children all eat very well. What a strange thing. Although it is not yet beautiful, it is the best cake that children have ever enjoyed.

Cuoi was allowed to go to the moon with Sis Hang

Having expired in the world, Hang Nga had to return to heaven. She said goodbye to Cuoi and brought the cake to the heavenly family to take the exam.

chu cuoi cung trang
Cuoi with the Moon

But Cuoi seems to not want to leave her, so he took hold of Hang Nga’s hand. Curiously, there is some supernatural power that pulls along the multi-village tree to the moon. Climbing on the banyan tree, he could see the children playing in the world. Sometimes, homesickness, miss you, but Cuoi only sat crying and sad.


Moon cake was born

And Hang Nga won the first prize of Ngoc Hoang with that unique cake. Ngoc Hoang named the cake “moon cake” and gave her a wish. She wished that every year on the occasion of the full moon day of August will be accompanied by Coi to the earth. Together, they give joy and play with the children. The wish was accepted and Ngoc Hoang named the full moon day of August as “Mid-Autumn Festival”. Therefore, this Lunar New Year is associated with the children’s play.

  1. The legend lasts until today

Since then, every level of the Mid-Autumn Festival, Sister Hang and Cuoi have come down to earth, bringing joy to the children. Mid-autumn moon cake has since become an indispensable cake on this day.

Su tich chi Hang va chu Cuoi
Hang and Cuoi

This legend has been circulated in folk until today, the Mid-Autumn Festival is the mid-autumn time. This is also the time when Asians finished harvesting their crops. It is also time to prepare to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival in joy and warmth.

Moon cakes, tea and alcohol are the things people worship their ancestors in the evening when the Moon has just risen. Activities of lion dance, lantern procession, singing and dancing are organized in the eagerness of the children.

  1. Deep meaning

This day is not only a chance for children to have fun, break the deck. This is also an opportunity for people to predict the season and destiny of the nation. If the autumn moon is yellow, that year will hit the silkworm season. If the autumn moon is blue or green, then there will be a disaster that year. If the moon is bright orange, it will prosper. This is also an opportunity for us to give each other love, the most meaningful Mid-Autumn Festival wishes. Let Duong Cafe replace your words of love to your loved ones !!

Qua tang ca phe nhan dip Trung thu
Coffee gifts on the occasion of Mid-Autumn Festival

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