WHY is coffee addictive at ease for people?

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WHY is coffee addictive at ease for people?

Coffee have produced by coffee tree., include stage such as nursery, grow, fertilization, until harvest. This is a long phase, takes about 3-4 years to have fruit. Coffee fruits were harvested as it must ripe when it is delicious. In Viet Nam, from October to January next year, this is time to harvest coffee. Coffee beans have farmer roasted, hulled, and sold or reserved up for sale and then.

To coffee come customer, it are required to experience a lot stage, a lot traders. After buy, it are required to preparation stage, and then it will use to make drink. You can drink coffee with sugar or milk depend on your favor. It enable to anti sleepy, decrease stress, fresh morale.

Coffee after roasted will contain mainly active caffeine. Besides, coffee also contain good nutrition for body as: saccharose, B1, B2, B6, protein, PP. At the same time the coffee has a unique flavor composed of nearly 300 different complex compounds.

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There are many reasons why people become to addictive coffee. Coffee is a popular drink in almost coffee shop, where they always gather your friends, family, partner to talk or desk work. There are coffee addicts by the culture of the nation, by the surrounding environment. Coffee appear everywhere in Viet Nam. We found a black coffee or iced coffee at ease. But one of the most important and scientific addictive substances is caffeine. Caffeine accounts for about 1-3%, depending on the type of coffee, climatic conditions, caffeine content in Robusta beans is highest in the coffee beans.

For the nervous system, caffeine is very potent, and many people with caffeine may experience nausea, anxiety, sleeplessness, and coffee consumption. Caffeine also stimulates respiration, reduces peripheral resistance, stimulates heart palpitations, increases blood pressure slightly.

Caffeine is an addictive substance in coffee because when it enters the body, it changes the function of the body. In Vietnam, caffeine is a legal habit. If you use caffeine properly, it will bring good effect, if using too much will cause unpredictable effects, depending on the body of each person. In order to have good health, avoid the abuse of coffee, on average each day we should drink 2-3 cups in the morning and evening, the evening should be more diluted.

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