You must go to “this place” on the occasion of Mid-Autumn Festival

khong khi Trung thu

You must go to “this place” on the occasion of Mid-Autumn Festival

Every mid-autumn, Hang Ma street is busier than ever. Flower lights have been decorating a whole sky. Modern and traditional, it makes the festive atmosphere become more exciting than ever.

khong khi Trung thu
không khí Trung thu

Hang Ma is located in the 36th District

Hang Ma is located in the old town, be long to Hang Ma ward, Hoan Kiem district, Ha Noi capital. The street is located east-west, stretching over 0.3 km. East of the street is Hang Duong, Hang Ngang and Hang Chieu intersections. West of the street is Phung Hung cross – road and railway line.

Hang Ma is located at 0.1km south of Dong Xuan Market and 0.7km north of Hoan Kiem Lake. This is considered the prime location of Ha Noi.

The old town is a very famous place in Hanoi about the oldest and ancient. The houses are only a few square meters but this is a busy shopping area. Moreover, this street is right next to the Hoan Kiem Lake, so you can visit many other places.

Crowed Mid-Autumn air from July lunar month

The streets are not Hang Ma which have also bustled the moon cake. But to find lanterns or toys for this occasion, you have to come to Hang Ma.

Starting from the full moon day in July, along the street was full of flags, lanterns, …On the days of the congress, the flow of people here is very crowded. It may take you hours to go all the way to the street. The young want to enjoy the atmosphere of the moon, but want to save the photographs should come 1-2 weeks before.

However, if you want to enjoy the atmosphere of Mid-Autumn Festival and feel the harmony in the crowds, you can choose the days of Mid-Autumn (from August 13 lunar moth).

You have to go to this place near the 15th to be able to feel the excitement. You can not even walk to admire the whole street. Heat only has at here on the occasion of Mid-Autumn. There is no place to match. So, this is a shortcoming if you do not come to this here.

Finding to buy Mid-Autumn’s toys

Do choi Trung Thu
Đồ chơi Trung thu

On this occasion, the whole street is always brilliant light, color. From the traditional toys to the modern are splendid and colorful. The streets are red and yellow. Here, the children will be attracted by the lovely and eye-catching items. The shops close to each other, so the buyer has many choices.

The array of light colored lanterns make you like to go to Hoi An. With different sizes you are sure to choose one for yourself.

Not only the traditional items, the modern toys are also sold a lot. For example, rabbit ears sparkling, water gun, glowing light, … It is not difficult to find your favorite items.

Take a photo in Hang Ma

Check in is indispensable indispensable procedures of the young on arrival here. A picture of the brightly, filled with the atmosphere of Mid-Autumn has made their friends delectable and want to come. Lantern or paper mask is a space suitable for you to enjoy yourself.

Not only is the familiar “check in” of young people, Hang Ma street is also a place where many pairs of brides and grooms choose to take photos. Not accidentally they marry near Mid-Autumn festival. Wedding photo album will add unique features by the moment the bride wearing long dress shimmering.

However, if you want to take a photo here you should need to ask shop’s owner. There are some shop owners who are not easygoing and afraid to influence their business. Even if you have to buy goods here, the shop owner will give you a picture. You avoid spoiling or styling too long in the place where they sell.

In this occasion, What do Dương Cafe have ?

With this holiday, Duong Cafe also brings special products to customers. Instead of a pairs of moon cake, it is a package of coffee.

coconut coffee
Cà phê cốt Dừa


cà phê chồn
Cà phê chồn Kopi Luwak tại Dương Cafe


Ca phe Excelsa
Cà phê Excelsa


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