Your relative is which type of drinks?

Your relative is which type of drinks?

Each person has a hobby, has a “style” to enjoy a special drink. Each type of drink will “denounce” who is next to you?

Let’s go with Duong Cafe to find the answer !!

You are like a carbonated soft drink

Carbonated soft drinks are available everywhere, every time we need them. My best friend too, every time we are sad, we are happy, just call him an hour when he is present immediately. Let’s go eat together, add a glass or a bottle of soft drink. That’s why coca cola always chose friendship in their advertising campaigns.

The lover is like a cup of tea

The first cup of tea when mixed is fragrant and hot. Cup hot tea 1,2,3 hours, then cool. When it cools, we don’t think about it. But when you are thirsty, you still have to drink. Tea at that time, very chatty. Also love! The beginning time is very different from what the two of you will go through later. Initially, there are passionate love, which are cherished feelings, sweet and sweet words, each other’s warmth, are very affectionate views.

Until later, fading, fading … only the actions of responsibility, habit and sometimes even separate worlds that both didn’t want to share with each other. Then when I went through hundreds of thousands of jobs, when I lost my way many times, there was no place to go, there was no berth to park, and I was selfish to find love in that place like a cup of tea.


Soulmate is coffee

Ca phe

Living in life, not everyone is easy to have “soulmate”. Tri century or confidant is a very difficult concept to define and few people can get too many impurities in life. Yet people call cafe a confidant. Probably because the thing comes when it is needed, not much words and comforting depending on the mood, the coffee is so favored.

Just add a little milk, sugar is sweet and strange. A little more ice is cool. A bit of egg is fat and bitter but not bitter. Strangely, so many people keep sticking to it, they come to coffee like a friend who encourages spirit every morning. They go to coffee to wake up together every night to work. Every rainy day, the sad and sad day they went down, they took coffee as a friend. Or they simply go to coffee to enjoy a book, a song, a promising movie.

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