Faint silver

Familiar but never old: BAC XUU

The dull silver is one of the most popular coffee variations that is most popular today. Silver slag is actually coffee milk made in the style of Chinese people, with less coffee and milk.

So, whether silver is slag or milk tea, each type has a unique cultural flavor, a specific culinary characteristic depending on the subjective feeling of each person. If milk tea is a refreshing beverage, it has just been received from Taiwan in the early 21st century; then silver slag is a drink that has existed for a long time in Saigon, is a blend of gastronomic flavors between Asia and Europe. A little “cafe” flavor from Europe, a bit of processing and naming from Asia.

Silver is white, Bleach is bottom (glass), Small is a bit, and Phé is coffee. More clearly, it is a custom drink: a little more hot milk. Condensed milk mixed with boiling water often has a slightly hard-to-drink odor, so some added coffee will make the smell go away.

In the popular cafes of Chinese people (the 50s, 60s, Saigon filled with popular cafes of this type, they often occupy a convenient position at each end of the alley), when Vietnamese customers call one food and drink in Vietnamese, universal (waitress) often have the habit of standing from the table of the guests to say to the kitchen (also placed in a corner near the place where diners eat and drink) food , drink it in Chinese like “scrubbing silver”.

Gradually, Vietnamese guests memorized the favorite food and drink in Chinese and then used them all in the menu. In order to convince customers who have called a little milk-rich drink, it is “faint silver”.

Especially after more than 2 years of research and development of light sweet silver floss, with a little taste of coffee, bitter taste of fresh milk makes the smell of fat.

Ocean cafe can do something special in creating convenient products for consumers, and with their passion Duong Cafe thanks to the guests to enjoy, then the most objective evaluation. Create special product lines favored by consumers.

Because it is made from arabica coffee beans, carefully selected before preparation, then dried, the quality of coffee is always high, the nutritious taste of high quality milk, giving energetic, creative energy customers.

Bac xiu 

Soluble silver price of NY: VND 25,000

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